Mills Haven Behaviour Plan

The Mills Haven Behaviour Plan is based on the following Administrative Procedure 350.

AP 350

Mills Haven Behaviour Plan

At Mills Haven our Discipline Plan is intended to keep children safe and to provide all students with a good learning environment. Key aspects of the plan include the following:

  • Consequences for inappropriate behaviours are based on logical consequences wherever possible.
  • The Discipline Plan deals with student behaviour during all aspects of the school day including riding the bus, playing at recess or learning in class.
  • We encourage students to make good choices; they are responsible for their own behaviour and will be held accountable.
  • A student who has a minor infraction will usually serve a recess time-out and complete a Think Paper.
  • Other consequences may include problems solving, monitoring or reviewing behaviour expectations, temporary exclusion of a student from class, restitution, phone calls/notes home, lunch detentions or meeting with the administrators, teachers and parents.
  • A very serious consequence for inappropriate behaviour is a half-day, full-day or out-of –school suspension.
  • Parents will be kept informed if their child misbehaves at school. Think Papers completed during time-outs are sent home for parent signatures and are to be returned to school the next day. Administration will contact parents directly should their child receive a suspension.
  • Each of our students are individuals and administration may amend these procedures depending upon individual circumstances.
  • Individual student behaviour plans may be put in place for students needing extra support.


The Division promotes, reinforces and encourages student self-discipline, respect and responsible behavior.


  1. The development of positive student behaviour is a shared responsibility between students, staff and parents.
  2. Students have a responsibility to respect the rights and dignity of others and to become actively and productively involved in their own academic learning and social growth. In accordance with the School Act students are expected to conduct themselves in compliance with the following code of conduct:
    1. Be diligent in pursuing their studies
    2. Attend school regularly and punctually
    3. Co-operate fully personnel authorized by the Board to provide education programs services
    4. Comply with the rules of the school.
  3. Staff are responsible for establishing a positive climate where:
    1. Students feel safe and valued
    2. Students develop, assume and maintain responsibility for their progress
    3. Appropriate conduct is consistently encouraged and recognized
    4. Staff and parents/guardians communicate frequently
    5. School administration and staff maintain a visible presence in the school
    6. Students have access to supports to meet their social and emotional needs.
  4. Staff will intervene in situations where student misconduct interferes with the teaching and learning or the emotional or physical well-being of others.
  5. Parents play a support role where they:
    1. Are aware of and support school policies and procedures
    2. Encourage their children to diligently pursue their studies
    3. Ensure the regular and actual attendance of their children.
  6. The Principal shall ensure that plans, procedures and practices are in place to promote a positive, safe and caring environment.
  7. School plans, procedures and practices for student conduct shall:
    1. Outline proactive practices and interventions
    2. Utilize logical consequences dependent on the activity, target, intensity, duration, frequency and intent of the misconduct
    3. Include procedures for time-outs, and in school suspensions that ensure appropriate supervision
    4. Outline student and parent responsibility regarding student reinstatement returning from an out of school suspension.
  8. Students found to be parties to an offence (ie - encouraging or abetting others to be involved in conduct such as bullying, fighting, etc.) shall be subject to disciplinary consequences.
  9. Action may be taken for student behaviour and conduct beyond the hours of school operation and/or off school property, if it is deemed that the behaviour significantly impacts the school environment.

Bus Safety/Student Conduct


  1. Students shall ride only their assigned bus. Exceptions may be granted upon written request by parents/guardians to the Director, Student Transportation for child care purposes. In emergency situations parents/guardians shall contact Student Transportation to request alternate arrangements. In emergency situations principals may make alternate arrangements and contact Student Transportation.
  2. Students are expected to be at their designated boarding location five minutes prior to departure time.
  3. Students are responsible for their personal property (Elk Island Public Schools shall not be responsible for lost or stolen property).
  4. Directions, as given by the bus operator and/or individual(s) employed by EIPS, must be followed.
  5. Students must sit in an assigned seat and remain seated while the bus is enroute.
  6. All objects and parts of the body must be kept inside the bus.
  7. While quiet conversation is permitted on the bus, unnecessary conversation with the bus operator is prohibited. There must be absolute silence at railway crossings.
  8. Disruptive, destructive or unsafe behaviour such as pushing, spitting, fighting, use of profane language or gestures, or the throwing of objects, or acts of vandalism are prohibited.
  9. Eating or open beverage containers are not permitted. (Medical exemptions may be made upon written request to the Director, Student Transportation.)
  10. The use of personal cellular phones, cameras, and recording devices are prohibited on school buses. Electronic games or musical devices which do not emit noise are acceptable for use.
  11. The use of tobacco or other smoking materials is prohibited on buses and at transfer stations.
  12. Students will not be permitted to board or ride buses if conveying, using, or under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances.
  13. The possession, use, or conveyance of potentially dangerous items is prohibited.
  14. In conjunction with the Traffic Safety Act, skateboards, snowboards, skis, and hockey sticks are not permitted on the bus. "Heelies" are also not permitted on the bus. All other articles transported must be fully contained in a canvas bag or case that the student can store under the seat of the bus.
  15. Students must scan their bus pass each time they board or depart a bus.

Conseques  - Minor Offences

Step 1 Verbal warning to the student.

Step 2 Verbal warning to the student. Bus operator records the incident and contacts the parent/guardian(s).

Step 3 Written warning to the student. Bus operator completes the misconduct report. The principal directly notifies the parent/guardian. Copies of the misconduct form are distributed by the principal to parent/guardian(s), bus operator(s) and the Director, Student Transportation.

Step 4 Written warning to the student. Bus operator completes the misconduct report and reviews the details of the incident with the principal in a timely manner. The next steps in the discipline process are outlined by the principal to the student and the parent/guardian(s). Copies of the misconduct form are distributed above.

Step 5 One (1) to five (5) day suspension. Bus operator completes the misconduct report and reviews the details of the incident with the principal within one school day. Principal discusses the situation with the student and decides on the length of suspension and consults, if necessary, with the other principal and the other student involved. If a meeting with the operator is necessary, the principal notifies the parent(s) of the bus suspension and arranges for a meeting, with the parent/guardian(s) of the student, bus operator and Student Transportation staff prior to the student being reinstated from suspension. Student and parent/guardian(s) are notified that further misconduct may result in suspension with a recommendation for expulsion from EIPS Student Transportation to the Board of Trustees. Principal notifies the Director, Student Transportation by telephone, fax, or email regarding the reinstatement date. Director, Student Transportation advises the operator(s) by telephone, fax or email regarding the suspension. Copies of the misconduct are distributed as above.

Step 6 Suspension with a recommendation for expulsion from EIPS Student Transportation to the Board. Upon receipt of the student misconduct form and after discussion with the operator and student, and after consultation with the Director, Student Transportation and/or a member of Student Support Services Staff (if applicable), the principal shall follow the procedures outlined in EIPS' Administrative Procedures.

Consequences - Major Offences

Behaviour which may result in a suspension or recommendation for expulsion from EIPS Transportation includes but is not limited to:

  1. Open opposition to authority of bus operator and/or individuals employed by EIPS.
  2. Use of improper, profane, or abusive language or gestures
  3. Engaging in, but not limited to, fighting, intimidation, and/or verbal or physical abuse of other students and staff.
  4. Use of tobacco and/or other smoking materials.
  5. Engaging in willful destruction of property or acts of vandalism.
  6. Acts of vandalism when reparation charges have been assessed but not repaid.
  7. Engaging in any dangerous or unsafe behaviour.
  8. Riding the bus for any purpose while on suspension from school or the bus.
  9. Use or possession of alcohol and/or controlled substances.
  10. Possession of controlled substance paraphernalia.

The consequences for: alcohol and/or controlled substance trafficking, use or possession of weapons, bomb threats, or vicious physical assault shall result in an immediate suspension with a recommendation for expulsion from EIPS Student Transportation to the Board of Trustees.


In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Section 33 and in conjunction with the enforcement of Student Transportation bus rules, video monitoring equipment is in place on all buses in Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS). Video/audio recordings of individuals on buses are for the safety and security of all passengers, drivers, and property, and may be used as evidence in a disciplinary matter.

If you have any questions about the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information, please contact EIPS' FOIP Coordinator, 683 Wye Road, Sherwood Park, AB T8B 1N2 780-417-8204.