GBA is fundraising year round with Fundsrip – a gift card ordering program which allows you to order gift cards online. The gift cards are maileddirectly to your home.  In the fall, we will be doing a mass order that will come home in a newsletter from the school  - just in the for Christmas. 

Here is theFundsrip  online ordering informatiohn: 

Direct Shipping with Lettermail

The Direct Shipping feature allows your supporters to have their FundScrip orders shipped directly to their home or any Canadian address of their choice. Supporters can order any time, and have their gift cards delivered anywhere in Canada.

  • Shipping costs 73¢ per order, including applicable taxes, paid by the supporter at checkout
  • Limited to four cards per order
  • Limited to a total value of $500 per order
  • Supporters can place orders as often as they like, independent of any schedule

Visit – enter your information and Mills Haven code is 4VJGMB