FundScrip! is an on-going year-round fund-raising initiative coordinated by the GBA in order to support the German program at Mills Haven Elementary School.  

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Thank you for supporting the German Bilingual Program and Mills Haven School!

German Bilingual Program Overview

Mills Haven School is proud to have been unique in the region to start offering the German Bilingual Program in 1981.  Today Kindergarten through Grade 6 is a popular program at Mills Haven School.  

The benefits of learning a second or third language are numerous, as the program can expose children to develop an appreciation of other languages and different cultural perspectives. Children participate in a variety of cultural activities such as Schultüten for Grade One Students on the first day of school, Oktoberfest, St. Nikolaus, Weihnachtsfest und Fasching.

At the end of Grade six, students have the opportunity to write the A2 Sprachdiplom.  This is an internationally recognized exam that has students show their proficiency in the German language.  Students in the German Bilingual Program also have the possibility of taking French as do students in the English Program at Mills Haven School. 

Please contact the school office for more information or for Kindergarten Registration in the German Bilingual Program.

Links to Support German Learning

Zum Beispiel für die 1. Klasse (for Grade 1):

Zum Beispiel für die 2. Klasse (for Grade 2):

Zum Beispiel für die 3. Klasse (for Grade 3):

Zum Beispiel für die 4. Klasse (for Grade 4):